Just Another Day at Mizrachi



Get into the car to drive to Fuchs Mizrachi School


Gotta educate but our classes filled with fools


Spendiní all our time hanging out, in the teacherís room


Fooliní around, but Rav Blau donít got a clue



Hey there Mike U whatcha doiní?


Not that much, Dawg, Iím back from cruisiní


You rock that Starbucks like a serial killaí


I got my skim latte with a shot of vanilla!



Gotta get to class, got a test to give


I swear those kids brains, theyíre like a sieve


ďWordĒ to that, donít you agree Rabbi Bayer?


They donít even know Bruryahís husbandís Rebbe Meir.



Wait before you go, just check out this clip


That John Stewart is so clever, dang I burned my lip!


I see youíre hurting bad, oh my gosh- thatís so funny (pointing back to screen)


Get my lawyer on the phone, Iíll sue the school for money.



Youíll never outsmart Rabbi Hecht, whereís your head?


Youíre right, letís go mack some tasty snacks instead.




Which one should we get? Thereís a plethora of choices


Iím like a schizophrenic I hear so many voices


Okay Iíve got it, our decision makingís over


(together) its gotta be SNYDERS OF HANOVER!



Hold on a minute, I donít got no change,


Thatís not a problem, itís a cinch to arrange,


You take yourself a Washington and stick it in the slot,


But what we gonna do itís a wrinkly one we got!



Just smooth it out, you squish it on the floor,


Then try again, itíll slide like Grady Sizemore,


Hey it worked, but now thereís something strange,


The food wonít come out and I canít get back my change!



Forget the stupid food machine, we gotta get to work,


But Iím telling you that Iím so crazy hungry, you jerk,


I need some food right now and it needs to be hearty,


Get yoí hands off me brothaí, donít you know I know Karate,



So we went back to the office, we knew we had to start


But how can we pass up on a good Ďole game of darts?


Canít waste no more time I gotta figure out this sugya


If you would help me out Mikey, then youíd be as sweet as sugaí!





Oy gevalt! Gemara Berurah is making life so hard


Itís like a journey into space with Captain Johnny Luc Picard


Rectangle hexagon or trapezoid


With these GB classifications a brother get annoyed



This sugya is tough like Astroturf without the turf


We need some help, yo, but where on Earth is Rabbi Wolf?


I bet we can find him up there in the beis


Yeah I knew thatíd bring a grin to your face




We gotta hurry there, man I think we oughtaí jog


Uh uh bro----- LEAPFROG!



Daniel can you help us- weíre freaking out


Our brains are like the Sahara, weíre in a drought


My chestís beating fast- just listen to my heart


Donít worry homedawgs - take a look at this flowchart



Oh I get it now- itís really ainít a bother


Rabbi Wolf you really are a great Talmudic scholar


I told you guys before donít get hot under the collaí


Anytime time you need me come on over give a hollaí






So we get it- hey, I guess our work is done,


I think that we deserve to bail and execute some fun


Now listen up to this, I know it may sound hokey


Letís bounce to your crib I got the urge for Karaoke


BAM!  We get back and the kids are fighting,


Kicking, punching, biting, scratching, pushing, shoving, smiting,


The kid is yelling, heís screaming OW!


I know just where to take him- straight to Rabbi Blau



Vey iz mir! Iíll bet you that heís handing them their head,


By the time heís done with them theyíll wish that they were dead,


(R.B.) Keep it down out here you guys Iím dealing with this crew,


Whatever you say my man, weíll leave it up to you.



Take a look at these losers theyíre rhymes are really stinkiní,


When you hang with these guys what exactly are you thinking?


Come on girls, try to be more sympathetic,


We feel sorry for them because they are so pathetic.



How about those Sox, dawg, I think theyíre really illiní


True that fool theyíre as tight as new tefillin


Theyíre stocked in center field with the cereal man Coco Crisp


Unlike Moshe Rabbeinu he doesnít have a lisp.





The clock strikes five TEN- it looks like school is done.


Our working day is over we can finally have some fun


We run out to the parking lot to find our car


Which row did I park in? I know it canít be far.



Iíve got Batman on the windshield, it ainít that hard to find


But if we donít get in quickly weíre gonna freeze off our behinds


We make our getaway just as fast as Jack Bauer


Can we stop at Giant Eagle? I gotta go and buy some flour.



Iím telling you my man, I think our jobs are great


Preach on by brother I know youíre talking straight


The students that we teach really are so very cool


There is nowhere else Iíd rather work than Fuchs Mizrachi School